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Since our inception 40 years ago, Celestial Mechanix, Inc. has been like the cavalry for radio stations. We come to the rescue of anybody in this industry, bringing proven national quality commercials to those with the vision and ambition to use them.

Whether you need ground up marketing research, strategic development and tailor-made advertising or simply want to choose from our vast menu of syndicated campaigns, CMI can bring national impact to a local market-focused effort.

All that and we’re fun to work with. So much fun, you might wind up in jail.

The Juicy Details

  • Bob Benderson
  • Chuck Blore
  • Holly Cantos
  • Jeremy Appelbaum
  • Natalie Richards
  • Ed Cole
  • Ryan Ulyate
  • Alexander Court
  • Daniel Shulman
  • Sean MacLeod Phillips
  • Bob Benderson
  • Chuck Blore
  • Holly Cantos
  • Jeremy Appelbaum
  • Natalie Richards
  • Ed Cole
  • Ryan Ulyate
  • Alexander Court
  • Daniel Shulman
  • Sean MacLeod Phillips

Bob Benderson

Bob started Celestial Mechanix back when he was really horrible at naming things.

In his youth, Bob attended the University of Wisconsin before heading off to the world-renowned USC Film School, where his film El Dorado was nominated for a 1977 Student Academy Award.

Soon after, Bob started directing commercials for George Gage Productions. Interestingly, he also explored 3D filmmaking for Paramount Studios. In fact, he executed the opening sequences for Jaws 3, Friday the 13th 3D, Metal Storm and The Invisible Man. Today, Bob no longer works in 3D, although he lives in it. We think.

Now, after 40 years of sheer hell and unending toil, Bob remains the President/CEO of Celestial Mechanix, Inc., the company he founded. His work has been honored by the International Film and Television Festival of New York, The Chicago Film Festival, the Clio’s, the Addy’s, Promax Gold Medallion’s and numerous BDA awards. His campaigns can be seen not only in the United States, but also in Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, France, Spain, and Lithuania, the capital of which is Vilnius.

Chuck Blore

Regarded as one of the originators of ‘Top 40’ broadcasting, Chuck was named Broadcasting’s Man of the Year for three successive years. His ‘Color Radio’ concepts for KFWB in Los Angeles made it the most listened to station in America… ever.

In 1976 he created “The Remarkable Mouth” TV commercials for radio stations which have been on the air, somewhere in the world, ever since.

Chuck has won over 400 major radio and television award and the radio industry also honored him with the Lifetime Achievement Award. He has spoken to advertising, broadcast and cable groups in almost every English-speaking country in the world where there is commercial broadcasting.

But Mr. Genius doesn’t know the capital of Lithuania is Vilnius. And you do.

Holly Cantos

Holly was the Director of International Sales and Marketing for syndicated powerhouse Westwood One before moving on to the Spanish language network CRC for Hispanic Broadcasting Corporation under Heftel.

Today, after 15 years of experience, Holly serves as Vice President of Marketing here at CMI. Her fluency in Spanish and sensitivity to Hispanic culture helps us reach the country’s fastest growing audience. It also comes in handy whenever we have to communicate with anyone anymore.

Entonces, cuando necesita que seducer a escuchadores en espanol, llame a CMI. Porque entendemos perfectamente espanol y sus hablantes.

Y su madre es una vaca.

Jeremy Appelbaum

His name is Jeremy. But maybe it should be JerEmmy. After all, he’s won Sports Emmy Awards in 2000, 1998 and 1997 for his design work for the Super Bowl, the Olympic Games and the NFL on ABC, CBS and Fox.

Now, he’ll be designing your graphics when you choose CMI for your TV commercials. So unlike other syndicated production houses that slap your logo on some tired old film, Jeremy will bring your identity to vivid life.

Jeremy lists software like 3D Studio Max and Photoshop on his resume. We think he uses it like we use Word and Outlook Express and Hearts. But we’re not sure and we’re afraid to ask him since he sits in a dark room all day and is very mysterious.

Natalie Richards

While Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation ended slavery in this country, it did little to improve the lot of Natalie.

Her daily routine at CMI requires that she go without sleep for days on end. She does everything here from making coffee to running our website. She is learning kickboxing so that someday she can beat the ever-loving crap out of Bob.

Ed Cole

Like Bob, Ed attended USC. He has done Super Bowl advertising, fathered children and jumped out of airplanes. He has fished in the Amazon with piranhas. He has ridden motorcycles at more than 120 mph. He is either fearless or quite stupid. His copy reflects a caution-to-the-wind attitude that draws consumers to his brands. You’ll like him. You won’t want your family around him. He’s a bad influence.

Ryan Ulyate

With nearly a quarter century in the music business, Ryan is part of the reason CMI television commercials sound so much better than those from other production companies. It’s also why Ryan calls everybody “man”.

Ryan is grounded in the basics, having transitioned from multi-track analog recording to today’s digital workstations. Along the way, he’s wowed clients such as Budweiser, Chrysler and Intel. He’s produced two platinum albums for Latin recording artists Juan Gabriel and Isabel Pantoja. He is one of the major pioneers who created the first interactive Dance Club. Ryan even lectures at MIT and has been published in MIT’s Computer Music Journal. Look for his article “Avoiding Chaos in a Multi-Participant Environment.” It’s fascinating. Really.

Ryan also produced for George Harrison and Tom Petty. Since they’re not around he produces for Bob instead, the rock star of advertising.

Alexander Court

Did we hire Alexander Court, or did we hire his evil twin?

After all, Alexander does have a twin brother. And let’s face it, he’s probably evil. Beyond that, Alexander is exactly what every woman and all of us here at CMI want: a great listener.

In fact, listening is part of what Alexander does for a living. Among the fascinating stops on Alexander’s career path is a stint doing research and development at Lucasfilm THX, analyzing new theoretical applications for the film industry’s state of the art sound systems.

Here at CMI, Alexander makes sure each and every television spot we produce sounds as good as it looks. And he takes care of general operations while he’s at it. His ears let him hear things the rest of us simply can’t. Like the neighbor’s dog exhorting him to a bloody rampage.

Daniel Shulman

Daniel is our legal counsel.*

*Daniel Eric Shulman is the registered name of Daniel Eric Shulman, hereafter referred to as “Daniel”, who negotiates contracts, agreements, licensing and pizza toppings for CMI. CMI is not responsible for the services “Daniel” provided the Neff Law Group, wherein he acted as associate counsel specializing in high profile technology, software and new media clients exploring intellectual property issues around the globe. Nor is CMI responsible for the services “Daniel” provided Massive Media Group which included but were not limited to day to day legal and business affairs and strategic/corporate development for digital rights management applications. CMI does not know what that means and will not be responsible for injury, death, or mental illness which results from trying to understand anything “Daniel” did or did not do, which may or may not include two years at FasTV as Executive Director of Business Development/Assistant General Counsel whereupon and forthwith hitherto he handled all aspects of business development and business affairs for an online aggregator of searchable video content. His duties included identification, negotiation, and drafting of agreements for distribution, content licensing and technology integration. CMI will not be responsible for the headache you will soon have from trying to read all this. Nor is CMI responsible for the services “Daniel” provided ReZn8 Productions as in-house counsel for that computer graphic design and animation company. “Daniel” is a UCLA Law School graduate and is not responsible for any losses which may arise from betting on the school’s various sports teams. Always wear a helmet and eye protection. Prices and specifications subject to change. Some settling may occur. “Daniel” side effects include dizziness, nausea, and sudden painful rectal itch. If symptoms persist, quit using “Daniel”.

Sean MacLeod Phillips


Director/Cinematographer Sean Phillips has created memorable images in virtually every motion picture format—from national television commercials to theme park attractions to IMAX-3D, the world’s biggest movie screens. He has photographed, directed, or created visual effects for three of the top ten grossing IMAX films of all time.

Like Bob, Sean also went to USC. Like Ed, Sean also jumped out of an airplane, realizing that you don’t actually need a parachute. You only need a parachute if you want to jump out of an airplane twice.

His student films won many awards, including a Student Achievement Award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Sean was CMI’s first employee, hired out of film school to direct effects and shoot a series of successful television commercials, garnering CLIO Recognition Awards as well as five New York Film and Television Awards, A BPA Silver Award, and an ACE Award.

In his own words, “It was a great time-I don’t remember a thing!”

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